Genetic Rockstars

A private space where MTHFR folks get better, together.

Why You Should Join Us

Genetic variances like MTHFR can be tough - we're here to make it easy. Who do you talk to when you can't find toothpaste without SLS because you're sensitive to it, or when you really need high-folate recipes? Us, that's who. There is lots of great info, but the most important part is great folks. 

  • Amazing people who are on the same journey upward.
  • Safe, supportive, and private community without the craziness of conventional social networks
  • An incredible library of resources and life hacks for MTHFR and the MTHFR lifestyle.
  • Access to a whole host of courses or coaching options when you're ready.




Becoming a part of Genetic Rockstars means helping, sharing your stories, and giving back to a community of people with the same struggles as you. This would never be the same without you.

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